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Los Dos is the blending of distinctions. It is a collaboration of different cultures, of different places, of different people.

Los Dos and Sergio partnered together over two years ago, but Los Dos is a century in the making. In the small town of Arandas, in the highlands of Jalisco, Sergio Vivanco and his brothers have been growing agaves and distilling at El Ranchito (NOM 1414) for five generations. With a dedication to quality ingredients and traditional process, at heart Los Dos is a family affair.

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Sergio Cruz

Sergio Cruz, Master Distiller

Sergio is half chemist, half artist, mastering distillation with a combination of precision and philosophy. He's a brilliant tequila maker and friend, and spent over two years developing Los Dos. Sergio lives in Arandas with his wife and three kids.

Batch 1 Specs

Ranch: La Poblada, Arandas
Harvest: 2020
Lead Jimador: Ramon Quiroz
Cooking: Brick Oven, 18 tons
Cooking time: 36 Hours
Resting time: 24 Hours
Water source: Deep Well, 120 Meters
Extraction: Molino
Fermentation: Stainless Steel Tanks, Champagne Yeast
Distillation: 2 x distilled
Stills: Copper Alembic
Tasting notes ingredients

Tequila can have slight differences from batch to batch, because plants, seasonality, and the environment are involved in the production process. Still, within the rules of nature and without using additives to affect the profile, Los Dos Batch 1 was made with intention. To be complex in flavor, but not complicated to drink.


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Los Dos Tequila


Los Dos is produced in small batches in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, using 100% blue agave and no added sugar or flavoring.

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