Los Dos Tequila



LOS DOS is a no additive tequila company, set out to do things that have yet-to-be done.

Our purpose is to share our expression of tequila with the world, inform people about no additive tequila, and allow them to make decisions more in line with their intentions.



natural. minimal. sophisticatedly simple.

LOS DOS Introduction

Who is los dos?

Los Dos is...

What do we do?

Share our expression of tequila with the world. We believe drinking can be part of a healthy persons lifestyle.

Photos of Los Dos in athletic action. Gallery or somewhere can include photos of us doing some afternoon sipping, still in our running gear.



Our Story

Origin Story?

What is our purpose?

Brand that fit our lifestyle: "Los Dos-ness"



The Vivancos are fifth generation agave farmers and third generation tequileros. The distillery is in Arandas, and is named after their father, Feliciano. They are serious about their tequila and are some of the most revered tequileros in the industry. But family first. The five brothers never miss their lunch together every Monday, where they put business aside and just hang out as friends.

Sergio Cruz

Sergio Cruz is a genius, plain and simple. He’s half chemist, half artist, half crazy. Sergio worked with Ben for over a year and through countless tweaks to develop the unique taste profile of Los Dos, to get it just right. Sergio es La Fe (the faith).

NOM 1414

About should have talk of distillery. Arandas, surrounded by farm, by citrus trees. “El Ranchito”.  Could have a “VISIT OUR DISTILLERY” section, that gave a tour and brief write up


Muchas Gracias to all of our friends along the way

[Here is la familia, special friends pinned, and a rotating gallery]